1. Registering in the system
  2. Linux support
  3. Windows XP support


Registering in the system

Component exposes its custom file format *.foo_youtube and custom protocols to foobar2000 the way it can use them in shell integration. As result, these file format and protocols can be associated with foobar2000 using Control Panel.

To do that, go to foobar2000 preferences Shell Integration Manage file type associations. It brings Set Program Associations window where you can set file extensions and protocols to be associated with foobar2000.

If protocol is registered in the system you can open URLs like this one and they will be automatically passed to foobar2000.

Linux support

Component is functional under Wine. Everything except video playback.

There can be an error Security Error when adding URL using Add location... or an error SSL connect error (35) when playing the clip. One of possible reasons is lack of libgnutls library. Wine needs it to provide Schannel functionality which is its turn is used to access HTTPS by foobar2000 and component. This library is an optional dependency for Wine (or at least that is so on some distributions) so it could be not installed automatically.

To ensure that required libgnutls library is missing, you can run foobar2000 from terminal. I.e. run command like the following and check output in terminal window:

$ wine ~/.wine.drive_c/"Program Files (x86)"/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe

Installation of required libgnutls library package should resolve the problem. Package name differs across Linux distributions and Wine versions so no exact name here.

As other solution, alternative SSL backend can be configured (read libcurl topic for details). But this may solve the problem only partially because it fixes issue for component, not for foobar2000 in general. So for example Add location... may still not work.

Windows XP support

Minimum supported Windows version is XP SP2. Non-SSE-capable CPUs are also (supposed to be) supported.

Note, as of February 2017 it looks like Youtube switched to more secured HTTPS version that is not supported by Windows XP native SSL backend. If you are getting an error containing SSL connect error (35), configure libcurl to have alternative SSL backend.

Note for XP SP2 users (not relevant for SP3). Latest LAV Video filter does not work under SP2. So to make video playback work, download LAV Filters 0.59.1 and select from it in component preferences Maintenance LAV Video (or register that filter in the system). Do not do that with LAV Splitter - latest supported version of the splitter is 0.70.2. And MP4 DASH seeking (which is duty of the splitter) has appeared only in some of 0.6X versions.

Starting from version 0.71 LAV Filters do not support Windows XP. So default settings of Managed LAV Fitlers source for Windows XP are set to use version 0.70.2 instead of the latest one. If you want to change this, go to component preferences Maintenance Third-party Binaries LAV Filters and use context menu Managed Configure.

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