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3.8 (03-Feb-2022)

More details about Youtube throttling. They started using bandwidth throttling as additional way to disrupt accessing media data. It is similar to error #403, but unlike the latter, where you get an error when failing to deobfuscate signature, in this case you get slow download speed. Note that Youtube still applies rate limiting (it always does), but this limit is greater than the file bitrate, so it does not affect payback. On the other hand, throttling limits connection speed to about 50 kilobytes per second regardless of the file bitrate. This is still more than enough for audio playback but is not enough for video playback.

That said, if you need video playback, you have two options now: either configure JavaScript third-party binary and use component to extract video URLs, or configure youtube-dl third-party binary and use it to extract video URLs (its option Prefer youtube-dl over internal analyzer must be enabled).

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