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3.6 (07-Apr-2020)

This version introduces new search provider named youtube.web. It is also the default one now.

Existing providers were renamed (added "api" in names) to reflect that they depend on Youtube API.

New provider does not depend on Youtube API so it will not suffer from sudden hits of quota limit. However, since it parses usual web pages, it may break with time due to internal changes on the site, so it requires continuous maintenance (similar to how video URLs extraction from Youtube works now).

Content of playlists and channels from search results is still retrieved using Youtube API (yet). By this reason embedded API key is still here (though thanks to youtube.web it is expected to be used less intensively).

New search provider has reacher set of search filters which includes 4K, 360°, VR180, HDR. Youtube does not expose these features via its API.

Some video properties retrieved from web search have a bit different meaning so you may not rely anymore on specific format in there. For example, upload date in search results instead of having YYYY-MM-DD format contains date relative to current (e.g. "3 days ago"). You can find full list of differences is in the table from Search config Providers topic.

Other changes:

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